A violent thought taking shape loses its spark,
vanishes into the infinite synapses; the brain notices

A fist of anger that never fully forms
flexes the limited muscles; the body holds

A loud shout that doesn’t escape mouth
dissolves into ever flowing blood; runs deep down into the soul

A voice whimpers “Towards the end, not so easily, not now, not yet.”

Then a sunset, then a flower, then a butterfly
then a smile, then a song, then a dream, then an idea, then an expression

“Cleansed, purified, silenced right now.”

I Am

I am not money, not material, not sex.

I’m not an opinion, not a thought, not an emotion.

I’m the light, the darkness.

I’m gravity, I’m the blackhole.

I’m the peaceful silence of the universe.

I’m an expression of the relentless energy of the universes.