Guilt tripping 101 for all!

1. Choose a person whom you want to control and set an agenda of having this person do your work.
2. a) Find a point in the recent past, a decade ago, or even in both of your previous lives
OR b) use what the other person might have ‘trusted and shared’ with you about what he / she wanted to achieve in life, but hasn’t achieved yet
OR c) simply and conveniently create a piece of fiction when what you did seemed to help the other person (little help or exchange of value doesn’t matter, what you did helped them, even if it is fictitious)
3. Talk about this point as if
i) how hard it was for you to see what the other person did or didn’t do yet;
ii) how this doing or not doing affected you badly even though you didn’t want it to
iii) how finally you were forced to do what you did by the other person
iv) how you are still worried that the cops/the FBI / CIA / RAW / IB / KGB / ECG / BP / DIABETES are looking to kill you
4. VERY IMPORTANT – give the other person a little time to grow some guilt and then let it
5. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT – forgive the other person for their guilt, ensure that you express that even forgiving the other person is tough (for clarity refer to point 3)
6. try and divert the topic, of what you wanted to really get this person to do. Tell the other person how this little thing will help you, and how EASY it is for them to do it.
7. YET AGAIN IMPORTANT – wait till the other person offers help happily. If the other person offers help a bit reluctantly / unhappily or doesn’t offer to help at all – hold on to this point and repeat steps 1 – 7!
8. Get your work done.
9. Thank the other person seemingly cheerfully, and also mention FBI / CIA / RAW / IB / KGB /ECG etc.
10. wait for your next agenda and next person!

Please Note:
Guilt tripping may seem like alienating you from others, even from those who you trust a lot. But that’s a minor pain considering the benefits of Guilt tripping.

Happy Guilt tripping!


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